Rajanikanth says Modi is `stronger’ than his opponents

A days after he said “if they (opposition parties) feel that way, then it should be definitely like that”, responding to a question whether the BJP was such a `dangerous’ party electorally, Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth today indicated his strong support to Prime Minister Narenra Modi, stating that he was ‘stronger’ than ’10 persons’ aligning against him.

His remarks gains prominence when opposition parties are looking at a mega coalition against the Modi government for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

“When 10 persons go against one person, who is stronger? Those 10, or the persons they are aligning against. If 10 persons declare a war against one man, who is stronger,” he told reporters in Chennai, when questioned on the possibility of an alliance by opposition parties.

Asked whether he would align with the BJP, he said it will be decided later.The actor has already announced he will take the political plunge and contest from all 234 seats in the next Assembly elections, originally due in 2021. He is yet to launch his party.

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