Railway employees heckled Railway minister Piyush Goyal

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal was heckled by railway employees at an event in Lucknow, last evening, after he made some remarks on a senior functionary of the Northern Railways Men’s Union.

In Lucknow on the second day of the ongoing three-day convention of the union, the minister said that Shiv Gopal Mishra, a veteran trade unionist, was “misguiding youth working as apprentices with the Railways.” His remark led to chaos as railmen squatted on the stage, raised anti-Goyal slogans and even threw a plant-pot at him.

The minister was saved from physical harm as a Railway Protection Force (RPF) man blo When the Railway Minister continued with his speech, the railway employees rushed towards the stage and disrupted his speech. A free-for-all ensued as security men protecting the minister took him to the safety of his car.

The irked railmen did not stop at this and targeted the vehicle of the minister and smashed a window glass. Many senior trade union leaders and Lucknow mayor Sanyukta Bhatia were present at the dais when the incident occured.

As the minister’s cavalcade started to leave, the protesting employees tried to stop it. They also reportedly smashed windows of some the cars of the cavalcade. However, later, Goyal’s office denied any such attacks on Twitter

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