India- Maldives to renew close bonds of cooperation and friendship

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, while noting the resilience of the relations between the two nations,  expressed confidence in the renewal of the close bonds of cooperation and friendship with the election of Mr Solih as the President of the Maldives.

PM Modi, after attending the inauguration Ceremony of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, last evening, both the leaders discussed on the issues interested to both the countries. During their meeting, both leaders agreed on the importance of maintaining peace and security in the Indian Ocean and being mindful of each other’s concerns and aspirations for the stability of the region.

In a joint statement, the two leaders expressed their unwavering commitment and support for increased cooperation in combating terrorism both within the region and elsewhere. President Solih also briefed Prime Minister Modi on the dire economic situation facing the country as he takes office. The two leaders discussed ways in which India can continue development partnership, particularly to help the new government in meeting its pledges to the people of the Maldives.

In particular, President Solih highlighted the pressing need for increased housing and infrastructure development as well as for establishing water and sewerage systems in the outlying islands.

Prime Minister Modi assured President Solih of India’s firm commitment in assisting the Maldives to achieve sustainable social and economic development. He also welcomed the expanding opportunities for Indian companies to invest in the Maldives in different sectors for the mutual benefit of both countries. Recognizing that nationals of both countries travel extensively between the two countries, the leaders also agreed on the need for facilitating easier visa procedures.

Modi extended an invitation to President Solih to make a State Visit to India at his earliest convenience. President Solih accepted the invitation with pleasure. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives will make an official visit to India on the 26th of November to hold further discussions and to prepare for the forthcoming State Visit of President Solih to India.  President Solih expressed the hope that Prime Minister Modi will make an official visit to the Maldives in the near future. Prime Minister Modi gratefully accepted the invitation.

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