Rahul challenges PM Modi to debate over Rafale deal !

At a time, the Narendra Modi government is strongly resisting opposition’s demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee’s probe into Rafale deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi challenged him for a debate over the details of the deal.

Stepping up his attack on Prime Minister and taking Congress party’s attacks on Rafale deal to new heights, he asked the former to participate in a debate. However, he claimed that the Prime Minister will not be in a position to answer his questions over the alleged scams in the deal.

“I challenge Modi Ji to come on stage anywhere, anytime and debate over Rafale with me for just 15 minutes”, he said. He also revealed the nature of his questions during debate with Prime Minister.

He said that he will talk about Anil Ambani, HAL, French President’s statements and the pricing of the jets. He will say that Defence Minister said clearly that it’s Prime Minister who did it. The Prime Minister did not follow the procedure. The CBI Director was removed at 2 am.

Reiterating his claim, the Congress chief said that Prime Minister Modi’s demonetisation drive has benefited few of his “businessmen friends” in the country.

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