Abhiyan insists parties to be accountable on their poll promise

As the Elections to the  five assemblies, including Telangana are reaching a crucial stage, the Mahan Bharath Abhiyan has been taking initiatives to make political parteis and contesting candidates are accountable to the promises made in the public or by release of poll Manifestos.

The promotor of the Abhiyan M. Narayana Charyulu says that this is in line with and on the basis of the directions of Supreme Court of India and the consequent Guidelines contained in newly inserted “chapter 8 of Common Code of Conduct” of Election commission of India, in effective contained in the Model Code of Conduct.

According to him, the Abhiyan through a 6-stage programme is attempting for National Economic Rejuvenation through Rural transformation. The programme is a well-documented business plan with all requisites like financial projections, commercial viability and self-sustaining capabilities, which could evaluate Election Manifesto within three days.

Narayana Charyulu has already filed a PIL before the High Court in Hyderabad, seeking direction to make political parties and candidates accountable on their promises. In course of the court hearing, last Monday, the counsel for ECI has informed the Court that no manifestos have been received till date.

The council also stated that: It is not mandatory to release of Manifestos. And in case of parties who have announced Manifestos, as and when the Manifestos are submitted, the CEO will submit a report to ECI, if the manifestos are according to the guidelines issued by the ECI.

Narayana Charyulu said that it is not just manifestos submitted to CEO which is material, but CEO has constitutional obligation to see that appropriate action is taken if the declaration as required is filed within 3 days of release of Manifesto and poll promises made in the media or public meetings.

He said that Abhiyan has decided to move the matter further before the Supreme court regarding other states. When the Supreme Court passes the orders as sought, the nominations will be invalid if the declarations as required are not submitted within the stipulated time to the CEO, Telangana.

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