PM Modi no more a star campaigner for BJP !

The BJP has reportedly decided that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not be its star campaigner any more. As a result, it has drastically reduced number of rallies being addressed by Modi during ongoing assembly elections in five states.

In a major shift in its poll stretagy, now BJP has beeing fielding several leaders as its main campaigners. Now, more than Prime Minister, both BJP chief Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are addressing large number of rallies in poll-boudn states.

As BJP workers are facing questions on the performance of Modi’s four and half year’s rule, besides attempts to dilute institutions like CBI, RBI and ED, the party has decided to shift voters focus from him.

Modi used to address up to five rallies a day. But, this time around, he is campaigning only towards the end of the electioneering. That’s why, till now he addressed only four rallies each in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgar, while he is yet to campaign in Rajasthan.

.Just a few months ago in Karnataka, the last state elections before the ongoing one, Modi held 21 rallies. Last year in Gujarat, where the saffron party faced a resurgent Congress, he campaigned 34 times and was credited with having retrieved a lost cause. But, where as he is planning to address only 11 ralied in a big state like Madhya Pradesh.

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