Uproar over Kumaraswamy calling farmers as `goondas’

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, who came to power promising farmers to wave off the farmers loans in just 24 hours after coming to power, is now attracting their ire, as even after six months of being in power, he failed to make any positive move in that direction. Moreover, his impatient comments making the situation more worse.

When thousands of farmers, especially sugarcane growers, have gathered at the Freedom Park in Bengaluru, today, in protest against the Government demanding dues running into crores of rupees from sugar factories as well as other demands like the implementation of the farm loan waiver scheme and  ensuring minimum support price for sugarcane, the government seems to be in helpless situation.

Their agitation forced the Chief Minister to agree to meet the agitating farmer leaders at 12.30 pm tomorrow, in the conference hall of the Vidhana Soudha. Sugar mill owners and other stakeholders too have been called,

The farmers had earlier today given the CM a two-hour deadline to come and meet them for talks. In this regard, farmers also expressed their anger at Kumaraswamy for his reaction earlier on Sunday where he had reacted to a protest in Belagavi by terming the protestors as `goondas’. Now the farmers are threatening to lay siege to the Vidhan Soudha. While the Chief Minister is yet to arrive at the venue and meet the farmers, Co-operation minister Bandeppa Kashempur has arrived at Freedom Park to hold talks.

Sensing the gravity of the farmers’ ire, Kumaraswamy, today, in a statement expressed regrets over his earlier statement, but refused to apologise for it. “I was greatly pained by the criticism heaped on me during the Belagavi protests. My statement had no ill intentions. It is unfortunate that it was taken out of context,” a statement from CMO said.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka BJP has decided to take up the matter and discuss it in the core committee meeting that has been called for tomorrow. It slammed Kumaraswamy saying An opportunist CM would never respect the citizens and this is exactly what CM Kumaraswamy is doing. Asking a women where she was sleeping for last 4 years clearly shows the individuality of Kumaraswamy. This is beyond apologising, this is a shame & insult to women of the state”.


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