First time in India, Chandrababu launches Bhudaar portal

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today launched Bhuseva and Bhudaar web portal for the first time in the country  in Amaravati. With this the land records will be available to people on the lines of Aadhar card enabling the people to carry their land records in their pocket. The Chief Minister also launched Bhudaar security policy to provide security to the land records of farmers.

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Minister said geo reference would be introduced soon to enable the people to view the details of their land through satellite mapping. He said the disputes regarding six categories of lands including dotted lands, 24,000 Inam lands will be settled with in a month by organising gram sabhas. He said that the state govt would provide security to land property of people.

The Bhuseva provide information related to all transactions of a particular land or property in a single source. The history of transactions will be available initially for last 12 years then for last 15 years which is an authentic information which is authorised by the competent authority. It is an online

All the 8 departments dealing with land records are participating in Bhuseva including Revenue, panchayat Raj, Municipal Administration, registration, survey & settlement, forest, endowments and wakf. They are integrating their services related to land under the core platform called Bhuseva.

The Bhudaar is a 11 digit unique identification code to be assigned to each agriculture land holding and rural and urban property. The temporary bhudhaar is assigned based on valid textual data of an agriculture land holding/rural property/urban property starting with 99 which indicates it is temporary bhudaar.

The unique ID for permanent Bhudaar will start with 28  and if it is government land, 28 is followed by 00. The total number of 3,56,27,793 land holding will come under Bhudaar including 2,39,69,159 revenue and agricultural land holdings, 84,21,140 panchayat Raj rural and rural properties and 32,37,494 municipal administration and urban properties. The Bhudaar card by the land owner or property owner can be generated from Bhuseva web portal.

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