Women’s Panel chief seeks dress code to men !

We used to hear pleas for dress code to women whether in colleges or at work place or at gatherings. But probably for the first time, Karnataka State Women’s Commission chief mooted the idea of dress code for men, particularly for tourists at beaches.

She found it `objectionable’ with men roaming around nude on Gokarna beaches and sought a vigilance to keep them under check. Deploring over invasion of western culture into Indian beaches, Commission’s chairperson NG Nagalakshmi Bai had written a letter to the Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, in this regard.

In her letter, she felt the need to increase vigil on beaches as “there have been instances of men in nude indulging in revelry and posing a threat to women”. She also wanted to a dress code on male tourists to be implemented. She referred her recent visit to Gokarna beach, where she found nonchalant men roaming around in the nude. “It is not just embarrassing for women and children but is also a serious security threat,” she said.

She clarified that she does not object to men partying on beaches but only wants them to do so in appropriate beach attire or wearing shorts and shirts. Considering that the area is not designated as adults-only and that there are reports of sexual harassment, Nagalakshmi’s outrage may be valid.

“They should wear shorts and T-shirt or at least something to cover themselves. This extends to women as well but it is the men who are mostly seen walking around nude. There are 22 beaches in Karnataka and there is talk that the concept of nude beaches found elsewhere in the world will be coming to Karnataka. That will be unacceptable” she added.

She further added that walking nude is against Indian culture. “There is a temple in Gokarna near the beach. If you are walking around naked, what does it say about our culture?” she asked.

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