Abusing my mother shows Congress’ desperation, says PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hit back at Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Raj Babbar for comparing his mother’s age with the devalued rate of the Indian rupee stating that it shows Congress’s desperation.

“When one doesn’t have issues to raise, he resorts to abusing somebody else’s mother. Congress is helpless, desperate as it cannot compete with me. For last 18 years, I have challenged Congress and have defeated them, ” the Prime Minister said, while addressing a rally in Chhatarpur district of poll-bound Madhya Pradesh.

He deplored that they are dragging a mother, who does not know the ‘R’ of Rajneeti (politics). Congress party has lost courage to compete with Modi. Furthermore, he said, ”We are entering the last phase of elections. While the excitement level of BJP is increasing, the Congress is losing hope and worried about losing their deposits. Will their deposits be saved if they abuse Modi’s mother.”

Attacking Gandhi, Modi alleged that “coffers of banks were emptied for the rich during the madam’s government”. “However, our government opened doors of banks for the needy youth,” Modi said. He said the Congress was voted out of power in Madhya Pradesh 15 years ago because it indulged in the politics of divisiveness.

Continued his aggressive streak in Mandsaur, which had seen large-scale farmer protest last year and presence of some amount of resentment against BJP, PM Modi tried to pin the blame on Congress for lack of progress in the farm sector.

PM Modi said that the farmers of this generation are suffering due to the wrong policies of erstwhile Congress government and BJP is being blamed for it. He said that Congress policies are coming up a cropper, and they are crying hoarse about it. He didn’t even spared former PM Indira Gandhi and questioned whether her ‘Garibi Hatao’ slogan actually worked on ground.

But he kept his most critical bits for Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. PM Modi said that people who are out on bail in scams worth crores of rupees are asking reasons behind demonetization. He said that notebandi was done to expose such people.

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