Sonia Gandhi ignited Telangana sentiment

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi addressing her first public meeting, after Karnataka elections, tried to ignite Telangana sentiment in the Telangana assembly polls. As it was her first visit after formation of the Telangana state and also it was only public meeting she is attending among all five states, for which assembly elections are in the process, she suceeded in making an emotional appeal to people.

Moreover, in a very rare appearance, she was seen along with her son and Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the public meeting. Attempting to remember how she had paid heavy price politically for forming new state of Telangana, during UPA regime, she said “Congress carved out Telangana state, though it had to pay a political price for us”.

She was apparently referring to the drubbing Congress faced in Andhra Pradesh in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in 2014. She was addressing a massive public meeting at Medchal, near Hyderabad to formally kick off the campaign of People’s Front headed by the Congress for the next month’s elections to Telangana Assembly.

Gandhi projected herself as the ‘mother of Telangana’ by stating that she is feeling happy to be in Telangana in the same manner as a mother would feel happy to see her child after many days.  “Every mother wants to see her children prosper, but I am pained to see the condition of the new state,” she said castigating the TRS government for failing to fulfill the promises at the time of formation of their state.

“You know if a new-born is not properly taken care of in the initial years, he has to face many problems in future. Unfortunately, the responsibility of looking after the child was entrusted to those who only looked after themselves and left the child to fend for itself,” said Sonia Gandhi. “I remember what difficulties we had to face in taking a decision to form Telangana state. It was not an easy task,” said Sonia Gandhi recalling the passage of bill in Parliament by Congress-led UPA government for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi in his brief speech said the TRS rule was about to come to an end. Without naming TRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao, the Congress president said during last five years, one person ran the state at his whims and fancies for the benefit of his family.

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