PM Modi should not lie just to grab votes : KCR

Just an hour after Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at Telangana Chief MInister K Chandrashekhar Rao and called him a ‘xerox copy’ of Congress and that both the parties backed “dynastic politics, casteism and vote bank politics”, Rao hit back asking the PM not to lie for the sake of votes.

Pointing out Modi’s allegations at Nizamabad stating the city was struggling with water shortage, electricity and proper roads, he said that PM Modi should not lie just to grab votes. While addressing an election rally in Mahabubnagar, two hours ahead of Modi addressed an rally in the same city, Rao said, “How can you say such a lie… You should not lie, being at the responsible post of Prime Minister, for the sake of votes.”

Reacting to Modi’s remarks, Rao further asked the former to not level false allegations against the state’s CM. Reiterating that there is a need for ‘federal front government’ at the Centre, Rao added that he isn’t afraid of anyone and isn’t anything like Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

“Are you blind? Can’t you witness the development in the State? Or reading out script prepared by someone else. Modi is such a foolish prime minister. Anyhow I am not Chandrababu Naidu. I am not scared of Modi,” said Rao. “As prime minister of the country”, Rao thundered, “You should not spread lies. Telangana is number one in per capita power consumption. You cannot make allegations for the sake of votes.”

The CM also alleged that Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu conspired against Telangana State to destabilise the state and dethrone the government. “It was Asad Owaisi who informed me about the ploy by Modi and Babu. Asad immediately offered TRS support and we are friendly parties,” said Rao.

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