TRS is a ‘Xerox Copy’ of Congress : PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused that K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS is a “xerox copy” of the Congress and both the parties back “dynastic politics, casteism and vote bank politics.

Addressing election rallies in poll-bound Telangana cities of Nizamabad and Mahbubnagar, he said that Indians would have required visas to visit Hyderabad had Sardar Patel not taken tough action against the erstwhile Nizam-ruled state and merged them with the Indian Union.

Accusing that KCR didn’t fulfilled any promise given to people of Tealngana, he said that the former had promised to turn Nizamabad into London, but the region still lacks development. “KCR said he will transform Nizamabad into London but look at the conditions here. The region lacks development. He should better live in London for 5 years to see how that city is,” he said.

The prime minister further asked people to take pledge in the name of “Telangana martyrs” and ensure that no Congress candidate wins in the state, which will go to polls in single phase on December 7. Accusing the erstwhile governments of corruption and mis-governance, PM Modi said that the Congress and TRS were responsible for the farmers’ distress.

He lamented that Congress’ seventy years of misrule at Centre and TRS’ five years of mis-governance in the state are responsible for the distress farmers are facing. “Look how Congress divided Andhra Pradesh. Both the states are suffering till date. When Atal Ji divided Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, six states were formed and all of them are rapidly progressing,” he added.

Accusing that both TRS and Congress are perpetuating family rule and said the two parties were playing a “friendly match” in Telangana elections. “TRS Chief KCR and his family think that they can win elections without doing anything like Congress did for 50-55 years. But times have changed now, no political party can stand even for 50 months, if they do not work for the development of people,” he added.

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