ADB lists 100s of infrastructure projects across india, but very few takers

Bengaluru 29 Nov:  Today at the International Business Opportunities Seminar with Asian Development Bank (ADB), Mr. Chandra Mohan Arora, Senior Procurement Officer of ADB mentioned that many projects are available across india which could be supported by ADB, but however there seems to be very less takers to those projects. He ascertained that if the contractors are good and have the capacity to execute projects, ADB is always ready to support them and give financial support to execute the projects.

There has been a down slide in the number of companies who bid for projects and not many new people are joining the front. ADB to encourage more people to bid, they have listed 100s of projects in their website which can be looked upon by anyone, evaluate them and apply. They also provide information about who has been allotted the project to benefit sub-contractors to approach the main contractors and acquire the projects.

In the seminar many projects related to Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Programme  in Karnataka, Maharashtra Road Improvement Project and Kerala’s Additional Skills Acquisition Program in Post Basic Education were discussed.

Also short trainings on submitting responsive proposals for consulting services and submitting responsive bids for procurement of works were done during the summit.

ADB has been conducting many business seminars in order to promote available projects and looking for interested businesses to apply and bid for available projects. They also ensure that the contractors are given aid at the right time so that the question of payments during year ends or due to slow down are eliminated.

The event was executed by EXIM Bank Bengaluru division at Lalit Ashok in association with Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO), Builders Association of India (BAI), National Highways Builders Federation (NHBF) and Asian Development Bank (ADB)


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