BJP promises 1 lakh cows in Telangana

The BJP in Telangana promised voters to distribute one lakh cows per year, if comes to power in the present assembly elections. The manifesto, released by state party chief K Lakshman also apomises loan relief of up to Rs. 2 lakh for farmers, free laptops for degree students and — in keeping with its motto of furthering the bovine cause.

The document contains assurances for the conservative too. It promises a legislation to prevent “forced religious conversions” through monetary offers and inducements, besides strict regulation of liquor sale and the deportation of Rohingya migrants. Telangana goes to the polls on December 7.

The BJP, which is keen on making a mark in the state this time, vows to further sweeten the deal for farmers through the distribution of free seeds and pump sets. Providing an incentive for girls to pick the education option, it has promised free cycles for female students from Class 7 to Class 10 and mini-scooters at 50% subsidy to those opting for higher education.

The BJP also took a page from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government’s 2BHK Housing scheme, promising free houses to all eligible people in the economically backward section by 2022. Up to Rs. 5,000 will be paid to them every month by way of rent until the construction work is completed.

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