Czech Republic SME Association meets Peenya Industries to find suppliers and JVs

Bengaluru Nov 29: Today a delegation from the Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic (AMSPCR) met the Office Bearers and Members of Peenya Industries Assocaition (PIA) at the PIA Auditorium to evaluate the possibilities of Joint Ventures, Vendors & Suppliers which could help in trade between India and Czech Republic.

The delegation was spearheaded by Ms. Ivana Domanikova, representative of the AMSPCR and was constituted with companies from the manufacturing segments headed by Josef Susen, Ondej Susen, Peter Inemann, Vaclav Divis, Pavel Suchy, Petr Ovcacek, ACN Murthy, Group Captain Anand Narayan and others were present. The event threw opportunities for indian businesses to lookout for partners and customers from Czech republic with whom they could do the business.

Mr. ACN Murthy of the Czech Business Incubator in bengaluru mentioned that separate websites and are setup for companies to upload their offerings and enquiries in the website and the business incubator shall identify each of the requirements and find possible trade partners in Czech Republic.

He also mentioned that Pushpak Prakash from Pushpak Industries has been nominated as Honourary Counsel for Czech Republic in Karnataka.

From the Peenya Industries Association (PIA) Malyadri Reddy, Arif, Shiva kumar R, Rajagopal and others were present.

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