Two senior BJP leaders quits in Odisha

Ahead of Assembly elections BJP received a severe setback in Odisha, where it is  making moves to become center-stage of the state politics, two senior party leaders quits the party.

Former union minister and sitting MLA Dilip Ray and Bijoy Mohapatra,  declared in a joint resignation letter to party president Amit Shah that they would not stand “being treated like furniture”. Both were members of the ruling party’s national executive.

They alleged infighting in the party’s Odisha unit and said several leaders had remained silent fearing they would be denied tickets to contest next year’s state election. They said their suggestions had upset “egocentric” leaders.

“The well-meaning suggestions by us to you were construed as a threat by certain egocentric self-servicing individuals who resorted to dirty tricks and a campaign was launched in our respective constituencies to try and deride us,” they added.

“As self-respecting politicians with decades of service to Odisha, we refuse to continue in the party as showpieces. We can’t be treated as furniture in the party while the rootless talk big and project a larger than life image,” they added.

Dilip Ray, MLA Rourkela Assembly constituency, also submitted his resignation to the Assembly Speaker.

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