PM holds trilateral talks with Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Argentina to attend the G-20 Summit, met Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese premier Xi Jinping for a trilateral meeting aimed at addressing various areas of cooperation among the three nations. This was the second trilateral meeting between India, Russia and China, which took place after a gap of twelve years.

“President Putin, President Xi Jinping and I discussed a wide range of subjects that would further cement the friendship between our nations and enhance world peace,” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter. The three leaders exchanged views on expanding mutual cooperation in international forums, and to encourage greater interaction among the three countries.

They agreed on the importance of reform and strengthening of multilateral institutions which have benefitted the world, including the United Nations, WTO and well-established as well as new global financial institutions. They underscored the benefits of a multilateral trading system and an open world economy for global growth and prosperity.

The three leaders also agreed to have regular consultations at all levels to jointly promote international and regional peace and stability, to strengthen cooperation through BRICS, SCO and EAS mechanisms, to address global challenges such as terrorism and climate change, and to encourage peaceful resolution of all differences.

The three leaders acknowledged the importance of cooperation in RIC format and have agreed to hold further such trilateral meetings on multilateral occasions.

Earlier, India, Japan and US held their first trilateral meet on the sidelines of the summit. Prime Minister Modi, his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump held talks over issues of global and multilateral interests, focusing largely on the strategic Indo-Pacific region. The talks gain importance in view of the Chinese attempts at imposing dominance in the region.

Stating India’s firm commitment to make the Indo-Pacific a region for shared economic growth, Prime Minister Modi said, “India will continue to work together on shared values.” He further said, “When you look at the acronym of our three countries — Japan, America, and India — it is ‘JAI’, which stands for success in Hindi.”

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