“Eclipse of Dynasty” politics rocking BJP in MP

BJP leader’s day in and out accuse Congress as promoting `politics of dynasty’. But the party following same trend in Madhya Pradesh during ongoing Assembly polls. More than 40 candidates’ fields by hails from families of senior BJP leaders. May be their wife, son, daughter or daughter-in-law.

A video, in which sitting BJP MLA Usha Thakur expressed her concern over this trend, now gong viral. She has alleged that the “eclipse of dynasty that plagues the Congress has also come to the BJP”.  She is a sitting MLA from Indore-3 constituency. But she was forced to contest from near-by Ambedkar Nagar-Mhow constituency, about 30 km from Indore. This was done to facilitate BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya’s son Akash, who is contesting from Indore-3.

Kailash Vijayvargiya is said to be very close to BJP chief Amit Shah and making futile attempts to become Chief Minister of the state, displacing Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Knowing his designs, Chouhan resisted his attempts to contest in the present elections and as a `compromise’ accommodated his son.

In a video filmed during canvassing for the election, Thakur is heard alleging that the BJP general secretary convinced Amit Shah to give his son a ticket from Indore-3. “Politics is a mission for me. I have not entered politics to take commission. You are facing difficulty in accepting me as a candidate. I was not sent here as part of some secret understanding. Political injustice has been done to me. The eclipse of dynasty that plagues the Congress has also come to the BJP,” the MLA is heard telling an audience comprising senior Armymen at Mhow.

She didn’t disown the video. It is interesting to hear that Vijayvargiya, who is promoting `politics of dynasty’ taking advantage of his closeness with Amit Shah, was seen targeting Congress president Rahul Gandhi over dynasty politics. Rahul does not know politicking, but he can’t leave politics because of his lineage, he tweeted.

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