PM Modi ridiculed Rahul claims knowledge on Hinduism

Strongly rebutting Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s allegations that he did not know much about the foundation of Hinduism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today admitted that he cannot claim that he is having complete knowledge of it. However, he ridiculed that the naamdaar (Rahul) can claim so.

Addressing election rally in Jodhpur of Rajasthan, Modi said that as far as the knowledge of Hinduism was concerned, even saints never claimed that they knew everything about Hindu and Hindutva. “It is such a vast area that grasping all the knowledge is not humanly possible”, he added.

Referring to Rahul’s claim that Modi doesn’t know about Hinduism, Prime Minister asked whether people in Rajasthan vote on the basis of his knowledge of Hinduism? Will Rajasthan vote over power, water and roads or over whether he know about Hinduism?

In fact, Modi lamented that the Congress has turned into an institution adept at spreading falsehoods. He said, Congress is like an institution where one gets a PhD in lying as soon as one enrols. Whoever is better at lying is felicitated, he said.

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