Kumaraswamy Cabinet to be Expanded on Dec 22

Finally, the time for expansion of Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy cabinet is said to be fixed as December 22. Since over six months ministerial aspirants of both Congress and JD(S) are awaiting for cabinet expansion, which was delaying on one or other reason.

Though JD(S) is ready for expansion, it was Congress unable to come to a conclusion due to large number of ministerial aspirants in the party and also possible threat of revolt.

Former Congress Chief Minister and president of the coalition coordination committee Siddaramaiah today confirmed that the cabinet expansion will take place on December 22.

He said that they have arrived at a decision to expand the cabinet, after the state assembly winter session, scheduled to begin  from December 10. Though earlier, it was decided to expand the cabinet prior to the assembly session, on December 9, it is learnt that it was  postponed fearing those failed to get cabinet berths may create problems during assembly session.

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