CNN New York offices evacuated over bomb threat

CNN broadcasters have been forced to evacuate their New York building during a live show because of a bomb threat. Staff in offices and studios fled the 24-hour news network’s building after several fire alarms went off about 10.30pm.

Anchor Don Lemon tweeted that staff were evacuated in the middle of his live show, with the station now showing taped programming. He said the New York Police Department was investigating after “someone called in and said there are 5 bombs in the building”.

Another anchor, Brian Stelter, and others on social media noted the threat came an hour after President Donald Trump tweeted that fake news was the “enemy of the people”.“I know journalists across the United States who worry about their safety because of these attacks from their president,” Stelter said.

The threat was not substantiated, the New York Police Department tweeted. The threat came Thursday night when a caller indicated there were five devices in the building, according to a law enforcement source.Several fire alarm bells rang inside CNN’s New York newsroom, signaling an evacuation after the call was received shortly before 10 p.m., the company’s security said.

Staffers evacuated the CNN New York offices in the Time Warner Center building and Don Lemon’s “CNN Tonight,” which had been on a commercial break, was taken off the air. The network temporarily went to taped programming for about half hour before going live from the street while police investigated.

In October the bureau was targeted when bomb threats triggered mass evacuations and and placed the United States on high alert. Secret Service agents intercepted what were believed to be pipe bombs, with New York City’s police commissioner saying the package sent to CNN’s offices at the Time Warner building contained a crude but “functional” device and an envelope containing white powder.

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