Nitin Gadkari falls unconscious during national anthem

Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari became unconscious during the national anthem at Rahuri in Ahmednagar district, today.

Gadkari became unconscious while the national anthem was being sung after the convocation ceremony of the Agricultural University in Rahuri. The minister was rushed to the hospital and his condition is said to be stable. 

Maharashtra Governor Vidyasagar Rao who was also present on the dais supported him and helped him get up. “Due lack of oxygen I fainted. Later I got my blood sugar and blood pressure checked and the reports were fine. I am better now and there is nothing to worry,” said Gadkari.

As of now, a group of doctors is looking after the BJP leader and his condition is being said to be stable. Doctors said that Gadkari’s sugar level went low, the reason why he fainted.

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