Senate Republican warns of civil war

The US midterm elections were barely a week old, and as if on a predetermined schedule, a Republican senator was warning of civil war because Democrats are unwilling to toe the Koch brothers line and work towards castrating the Federal government.

This is not the first time Republicans have beat their prone-to-violence base to the punch and threatened bloodshed if they fail to get what they want. In 2012 the Virginia Republican Party threatened that conservatives would launch a violent, bloody rebellion if President Barack Obama won re-election, and no small number of Trump advocates have warned of a violent civil war if the cretin was ever held accountable for the many high crimes and misdemeanors he and his family are involved in.

Mike Lee, besides being a typical Republican, is a Utah Libertarian malcontent in the mold of those filthy rich Libertarian malcontents Charles and David Koch. Lee’s distorted view of the U.S. Constitution, and the legitimacy of the Federal government, is shared by the Koch brothers. And like the Koch brothers, Lee demands, and expects, a quick end to most of the Federal government’s agencies, departments and programs; he claims it is the only prescription to prevent civil war.

Two weeks ago, barely eight days after the midterm elections, Lee addressed the uber-conservative Federalist Society. It was during that address that he warned that if the federal government is not neutered, including the wholesale elimination of most Federal government programs, agencies and departments, then there “will be civil war.”

Lee’s claim is that unless Democrats join Republicans and “move to a system granting de facto sovereignty to the states and eliminate massive federal programs like public education and interstate highways there will be a civil war.” Such a system Lee calls for would be patently unconstitutional in the United States, but legal in a by-goneand very short-lived “sovereign nation.”

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