Congress looks for allies in Rajasthan, even after absolute majority

Even though the Congress is sure to get absolute majority in Rajasthan, it is in search of possible allies, particularly BSP and independent candidates, so that to stabilize its strength in the assembly. Also keeping in view of forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, the party is making efforts to expand its preview.

On one hand, celebrations broke out early in the day, since it started establishing lead, as predicted by most exit polls. Early trends given confidence to party leaders that they can get full majority. However, Congress leaders started to ensure more stability to their government in the state, started contacting BSP and independent legislators, elected in the polls.

Pradesh Congress president Sachin Pilot, who is one among two potential contenders to become next Chief Minister of the state, said that “I am in touch with all parties that believe in the Congress. The mandate is against the BJP and is a huge blow to the arrogant politics of the BJP.”

He also said his party had won a “moral victory” and added: “Even though we are certain we will have the numbers by ourselves but I would like to reach out to other like-minded parties and leaders to form the government.”

A lower margin could open the Congress up to infighting. Already, slogans in support of Sachin Pilot and veteran Ashok Gehlot, a three-time chief minister, rivalled each other in the state. “Who will get what role, the Congress high command will decide. Rahul Gandhi will discuss and take a decision,”  Schin said. He added that there was “no better gift” for Rahul Gandhi today, exactly a year to the day he took over as Congress president.

Latest results indicate that is getting 101 seats, among 199 seats, for which elections were held. Election was suspended in one seat due to death of a candidate. BJP is having margin in 71 seats.

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