Rahul says the results of five states shows the country what people want

A head of counting of votes in five states, where assembly elections were held, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said yesterday that the results of the five states would show the country what the people wanted and Congress will win the parliamentary elections next year and form the government at centre.

Speaking at the launch of the special edition of Hindi weekly ‘Navjivan’ in Chandigarh, he said, “ We will show the BJP its place and defeat it in Lok Sabha elections. In 2019, we will ensure that the BJP is removed from the union government and also Prime Minister Narendra Modi by all means.”

He further said all the institutions including the Supreme Court and Army are being used by Modi for political gains, putting the country’s independence under threat. He asserted that they will fight to protect these institutions. “We are not like the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) and BJP,’’ he added.

In this regard, Rahul called upon journalists to do fearless journalism and act as custodians of the institutions and the Constitution. He described the media as a tiger that can show anyone his place. “But once it starts getting leverages, it becomes a paper tiger.”

He lamented that people in power at the centre were not allowing the media to highlight issues like unemployment and the plight of farmers. “Anger is rising among the people against the BJP government. But the media is not revealing this,” he added.

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