Amitav Ghosh honoured with Jnanpith Award 2018

Noted English writer Amitav Ghosh has been honoured with this year’s Jnanpith Award, a literary award given to an author for “outstanding contribution towards literature”.

Bharatiya Jnanpith announced today that that he was chosen for this year’s Jnanpith Award, a literary award given to an author for “outstanding contribution towards literature.

Amitav Ghosh is a path-breaking novelist. In his novels, Ghosh treads through historical settings to the modern era and weaves a space where the past connects with the present in relevant way.

“His fiction is endowed with extraordinary depth and substance through his academic training as a historian and a social anthropologist,” a statement from Bharatiya Jnanpith said. The decision was taken in a meeting of Jnanpith Selection Board, chaired by eminent novelist, scholar and Jnanpith laureate Pratibha Ray.

Ghosh, one of the most prominent contemporary Indian writers, is known for a series of novels such as “Shadow Lines”, “The Glass Palace”, “The Hungry Tide”, and Ibis Trilogy — “Sea of Poppies”, “River of Smoke”, and “Flood of Fire” — chronicling the Opium trade between India and China, run by the East India Company.

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