Ashok Gehlot is Rajasthan CM; Pilot is deputy CM

Putting an ending to three-day uncertainty over the party leadership choice on party’s chief minister candidate in Rajasthan, it has announced that AICC General Secretary Ashok Gehlot will be the new Rajasthan Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot the new deputy chief minister.

It has become a difficult task to Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who has been constantly persuading these two top contenders for this post, to come to some understanding, to take a decision.

Party’s decision was announced by senior Congress leader KC Venugopal, who is also party’s incharge for Rajasthan. He said that Ashok Gehlot will be the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Sachin Pilot will be the Deputy Chief Minister. Experience and leadership will come together in the state, he added.

Two hours before this announcement, Rahul Gandhi had a final meeting with two of these leaders and after the meeting he Tweeted stating “United colours of Rajasthan,” added a photo with Gehlot and Pilot with all three Congress leaders smiling widely. It was seen to signal an end to a leadership tussle in Rajasthan, where the the Congress ousted the BJP in assembly elections three days ago.

Ahead of the meeting, Gehlot, a two-time Chief Minister, had said We have given the duty to the High Command. Let it decide who is to be given what responsibility. If I say my choice is this, it is not time for that. The time is to strengthen the Congress, see how its graph goes up.”

“If Congress is strong, everyone will be empowered and we prove to be useful in meeting the objectives of the 2019 elections. This alone should be our thinking,” he added.

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