Kanas Republican State Senator, Barbara Bollier becomes Democrat

 In a setback to President Donald Trump, Kanas Republican State senator Barbara Bollier becomes a Democrat. She often found herself at odds with her party. She was a pro-choice, pro-Medicaid expansion, pro-LGBT rights Republican, who voted to the left of even many in the Democratic caucus.

A few weeks before she announced her run as a Republican for the state Senate seat, Rep. Bollier was the top potential recruit for Democrats to run in that same Senate seat.

Meeting with her that week, then Representative Bollier stood by her thought that if we wanted real change, people inside the Republican Party would have to change it from the inside — to keep it from becoming completely out of control.

Citing “frustrations that have been ongoing for nine years,” Bollier said that the inclusion of anti-transgender language in the party platform  had proved a breaking point for her.

“Morally, the party is not going where my compass resides,” Bollier added. “I’m looking forward to being in a party that represents the ideals that I do, including Medicaid expansion and funding our K-12 schools.”


Kansas Democratic Caucus welcomes now Senator Bollier, who has been a strong advocate for the values of her district. The Senate Republican caucus has routinely punished her for her stances that represented her district and her beliefs.

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