Modi Govt ‘lied’ to the Court on CAG report, says Congress

 Though Narendra Modi government seems to be `jubilant’ over the Supreme Court’s `clean chit’to its Rafale deal, it is now again locked in an controversy of CAG report on Rafale price structure.

The Government had claimed before the Supreme Court that even CAG report also given them `clean chit’. Now, the Congress is raising question when the Report was submitted at all. In normal practice, any such report should be presented before the Parliament, before making any claims on contents of reports.

In a sensational claim, last evening, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Mallikarjun Kharge, who is also leader of the party in Lok Sabha, denied having received any report from the CAG on the pricing of Rafale.

Earlier in the day the Supreme Court in its order dismissing petitions for an independent probe in the Rafale deal had claimed that the Government had shared the pricing details with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India ( CAG) which in turn was examined by the PAC.

But the PAC chairman said, “ Where is the question of the PAC examining the report when it never came to the committee ?” Kharge disclosed that he had a meeting with CAG officials at 3 pm, yesterday and asked them to explain what the Supreme Court’s ruling meant. CAG officials told him that even they were foxed because the pricing details had not been shared by the Government with them.

“ Who knows, the Prime Minister may have formed a different Public Accounts Committee in the PMO,” quipped Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who said that it was quite possible for the Modi Government to fabricate a CAG report since it has made a mockery (Aisi-Taisi Kar di) of all institutions.

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