Fadnavis ignores Mahul residents, makes Azad Maidan `open jail’

 When thousands of Mahul residents reached Mantralaya seeking an end to pollution deaths, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis just ignored them, moreover he ignored High Court order too.

The rally started from Carnac Bunder, Mumbai and reached Azad Maidan to present their simple demand to the Chief Minister to honour the Mumbai High Court order instructing in no uncertain terms – to get the victims of ‘rehabilitation’ into #MumbaisToxicHell Mahul – out of that severely polluted hell and relocate them in a location safe for human life.

The protesters have basically pressed for an end of the state-sponsored genocide/mass-murder of this entire community (over 150 pollution-related deaths so far and hundreds of people chronically ill and dying every week) by putting them in this fatal gas chamber against their wishes and against the orders of so many authorities.

Already the Mahul residents have met a whole series of ministers and senior officials, ranging from the environment minister Ramdas Kadam to Housing Minister Prakash Mehta and various other BMC and other officials – all of whom have been unanimous in one statement – that they all agree that Mahul is dangerously and critically polluted, and no place for human beings.

But, they deplored that the CM Fadnavis is the only government figure presently standing between these 30,000 lives and their safe rehabilitation. The only thing awaited in this whole story of rehoming them is Fadnavis’ order, and he is mysteriously silent on the issue, pretending that none of this is actually happening, and as if the High Court order counts for nothing.

As there was no word from the Chief Minister’s office till 8 pm, last evening, the protesters decide that if the CM or his representatives refuse to meet them, then they will march upto Mantralaya to meet him. The gathering begins to proceed, and the police block the exits of Azad Maidan and positioned armed policemen, ready to attack the peacefully protesting Mahul residents, turning it into `open jail’.

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