Karnataka temple tragedy: 15 dead, over 100 still at hospitals

The death toll in the recent worst Karnataka temple tragedy reached to 15 and still over 100 people including children are still undergoing treatment after consuming prasadam allegedly laced with pesticide served at Kichugut Maramma temple at Suluvadi in Chamarajanagar district, recently.

On the ill-fated day, December 14, alone, 11 devotees died, while three more died within three days of the incident, after consuming ‘tomato bhath’ and ‘panchamrita’. While the majority of 11 devotees succumbed several hours after the incident, the remaining died in the later days, thus keeping the relatives of other victims on tenterhooks.

The devotees who fell ill have been undergoing treatment at 15 different hospitals in both Mysuru and Chamarajanagar districts, with majority of 101 admitted at 11 different hospitals in Mysuru alone including the good old K R Hospital, a government-owned facility.

With the condition of three more still being critical, doctors treating them feared the death toll may go up further. On the other hand, the Ramapura police have filed a FIR against seven people in the case, majority of them the trustees and prominent others associated with the administration of the temple,

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