Won’t let PM sleep until all farm loans waived: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi today asserted that he will not let Prime Minister Narendra Modi sleep until all farms loans have been waived. Indicating his strong commitment towards distressed farmers of the country, he said on the lines newly formed Congress governments waiving farm loans in three states Congress will bring pressure on BJP governments to follow the same.

He accused that Prime Minister Narendra Modi of worrying only about wealthy businessmen. In a stinging attack on what he described as crony capitalism, Gandhi said the government has turned a blind eye to the loans given to 15 top industrialists of the country, including Anil Ambani, but has made no effort to alleviate the woes of the farmers in the last four years.

“We promised to waive loans in 10 days. In two states, we did it in six hours,” Rahul Gandhi told reporters outside Parliament. “We will not let Prime Minister Narendra Modi sleep until loans of all farmers are waived,”  he added.

Congress chief recalled that he had been highlighting the point that the main fight in India is between small traders, farmers and 15-20 wealthy businessmen, building on the narrative that had been at the centre of his election campaign in the five states. “Modiji has made two Hindustans. One Hindustan consists of wealthy businessmen… and the other is made up of farmers, poor, youth, small traders,” he added.

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