BJP itself will remove Modi, we don’t have to do it: Puducherry CM Narayanasamy

Senior Congress leader and Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy is confident that his party need not do anything specially to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019 polls, as his own people and party (BJP) will send him out.

Speaking at the third edition of the India Today Conclave South in Visakhapatnam today, he asserted:  “We [Congress] don’t need to send him out. His own people and party [BJP] will send him out because of what he has done to the country. No one is happy with him, even in his own party.”

Further, he claimed various BJP leaders have told him in person about the discontent within the party. “Only two people are running the show,” he said.

The chief minister accused the Modi government of discriminating between NDA-ruled states and those ruled by the Opposition. He lamented that this is an autocratic government. The only solution is to remove Modi. He should meet CMs to listen to their grievances, he added.

“Whenever I meet the PM and the finance minister [Arun Jaitley], they see me as if I am Arvind Kejriwal. If Kejriwal and PM want to fight, let them do that. Why target me? I am implementing all central government schemes. I want to make my state a welfare state,” he said.

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