168 died, 600 injured as Tsunami hits Indonesia

At least 168 people were killed and nearly 600 left injured after around Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, sending a wall of water crashing some 65 feet (20 meters) inland and sweeping away hundreds of houses including hotels, last night.


According to government sources and witnesses emergency measures are being carried out by the disaster management team. Meanwhile, the highway which connects Serang-Pandeglang has been cut off due to the tsunami. It is speculated that the tsunami could have been triggered by a volcanic eruption. Areas that were severely affected were settlements and tours on Tanjung Lesung Beach, Sumur Beach, Teluk Lada Beach, Panimbang Beach, and Carita Beach.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the Head of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management’s (BNPB) Data Information and Public Relations Center said that the tsunami they are coordinating with the Geology Agency to ascertain the cause of the natural disaster. Nugroho said in a tweet on Sunday that the exact cause of the tsunami is still unknown.

Scientists from Indonesia’s Meteorology and Geophysics agency said it could have been caused by undersea landslides from the eruption of Anak Krakatau, a volcanic island formed over years from the nearby Krakatau volcano.

They also cited tidal waves caused by the full moon. The worst affected area was the Pandeglang region of Banten province in Java, which encompasses the Ujung Kulon National Park and popular beaches, the disaster agency said. 

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