‘Sadaiv Atal’ to be dedicated to the Nation tomorrow

“Sadaiv Atal’, the Samadhi of Bharat Ratna & former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee which will be dedicated to the nation on 25th Dec, 2018– reflects Atalji’s personality as a poet, humanist, statesman & a great leader. The central Samadhi platform comprises of nine square black polished granite solid stone blocks, capped with a ‘diya’ in the center.

The number nine holds significance and represents the navarasas, navaratras and navagrahas. The placement of the nine square Samadhi is in a circular lotus shaped pattern.  The nine-square platform is accessed in four cardinal directions by pathways made in white composite tiles so that the floor does not get heated.  The Samadhi is enclosed by nine bas-relief walls which have inscriptions of the prose/ poetry of Atalji which can be read by the visitor while taking a pradakshina on the outer circular path.

Atalji’s thoughts and vision are a source of great inspiration to the people of the Country. In order to enable the people to pay their respects to the great soul, an initiative to develop his Samadhi was taken up by the Society -“Atal Smriti Nyas Society”  (registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860) formed by eminent persons.

The founding members of the Society include Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Lalji Tandon, O.P Kohli, Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Ram Lal Ji and Ram Bahadur Rai. A vacant piece of land has been made available near Rajghat for the Samadhi by the Govt, which the Society would develop and maintain at their own costas a public place. The earmarked land for the Samadhi will continue to remain with the Government.

Stones from various parts of the country– emphasizing unity in diversity have been used in the construction of the Samadhi. The Main Samadhi stone is monolithic zed black sourced from the best quarries of Khammam, Telangana. The parikrama area is laid in white composite tiles, which does not get heated in the sun.

The Samadhi has been completed by CPWD at a total cost of Rs. 10.51 Crores. The entire cost of construction of the Samadhi has been borne by the Atal Smriti Nyas Society.


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