Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq Bill

 The Lok Sabha, after debating the merits of the triple talaq bill, passed the bill and rejected all proposed amendments. The Congress and many opposition parties earlier demanded that the bill should be sent to a joint select committee of Parliament for further deliberations.

After a long day of relentless debate, the Lok Sabha has finally passed the Triple Talaq bill amid opposition uproar. While 238 voters were in favour of the bill, 12 voted against it. It may be noted that the Congress and AIADMK walked out from the Parliament as their demands were rejected. They were joined by DMK and some other parties.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Triple talaq has been made unlawful but is still being practised by some. He asserted that deterrence is the only solution to this problem.

Stating that 22 Islamic nations have banned triple talaq, he said that eve Pakistan has also decided to ban triple talaq. Like Pakistan, the entire world is watching India on the triple talaq law. “We want to uplift the condition of women in our country and this law will be a step towards that goal”, he added.

The Opposition argued that the bill is against the Supreme Court’s verdict that outlawed instant triple talaq. The government on the other hand said that the bill is aimed at honouring the rights of women. It said the government is ready to discuss and listen to the objections that the opposition parties have on the triple talaq bill.

Congress and the BJP have issued whips to their Lok Sabha MPs to be present during the debate on the triple talaq bill today. The bill seeks to make instant triple talaq a criminal offence.

The Narendra Modi government drafted the bill after the August 2017 Supreme Court verdict that outlawed the practice. The Opposition has been attacking the Narendra Modi government and has questioned its motives to make the practice of instant triple talaq a criminal offence, arguing that this is not required since the Supreme Court has already held that such divorces are not valid.

The Congress and other parties have argued that the bill that the Modi government is trying to get passed in Parliament has the potential of being misused by vested interests. With the bill being discussed today, all eyes are on the Lok Sabha as political parties debate the contentious issue.



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