Modi-critic became UP’s BJP poll incharge

The list of BJP poll incharges for various states, announced by party chief Amit Shah last evening, has some surprises. Notable, every one surprised that for a crucial state like Uttar Pradesh, for which Amit Shaw was himself incharge during 2014 polls, is now having an  incharge, who was known as Modi, Amit Shah-critic earlier.

Gordhan Zadaphia, a known Narendra Modi-Amit Shah basher in the past, had left the party in 2009 only to return five years later, without any fanfare. Now, suddenly he has made a stunning comeback to national politics as the BJP entrusted him with responsibility of garnering votes in the most electorally crucial state, Uttar Pradesh.

At a time when Modi wave is clearly on the ebb and the BJP faces a massive challenge from a united opposition of Samajawadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party, bringing Zadaphia form his political oblivion and suddenly brings to centre-stage of poll scene gaining significance.

It’s widely known that Zadaphia is a pure RSS man and an established Hindutva face. His differences with Modi in the past are also well established. He was the MoS Home of Gujarat during 2002 Godhra killings and subsequent riots. Later he was sidelined. He was not just moved out of the state cabinet, but also pushed to a corner within party politics.

In 2009, he revolted and parted ways with the BJP to flat his own political outfit. Later he returned to the party only ahead of 2014 polls. Since then he was sidelined and not even MLA seat in 2017 assembly polls.


After BJP defeat in three states, it seems RSS is taking hold over party organization. It is now felt that Zadaphia elevation indicates a celar RSS choise, over the top BJP leadership.

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