Piyush Goyal assures no scarcity of coal in Karnataka

Union Minister of Railways and Coal, Piyush Goyal today assured Karnataka MPs that there is no security of coal in Karnataka. MPs led by former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy today met the minister and discussed various matters pertaining to coal supply and railway projects in Karnataka came up for discussion.

Regarding coal supply, pointed out that the plants in Karnataka currently have on an average five days stock of coal which is equal to 2.24 lakh tonnes coal. He said that Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. (KPCL) sold 584.91 MU of power at energy exchange this year till October, 2018.  This selling amounts to consuming 3.8 lakh tonnes of coal which otherwise could have been used to boost coal stocks in power plants.

Goyal advised that it is better that the plants maintained at least 20 days stock of coal for smooth and uninterrupted functioning.  Pointing out about the anticipated pick-up in demand of power in coming February/March.  Goyal advised that suitable inventory management should be done by the power plants.

He also advised that transaction at energy exchange should be done to take advantage of cheaper power right now so as to ensure better built up of coal stocks in thermal power plants.  This will help avoid purchase of power in February/March, when prices are expected to be higher due to peaking of demand.

Data of Central Electricity Authority (CEA) for April to November 2018 shows that peak power demand of Karnataka amounting to 11185 MW was fully met and total energy demand of the State amounting to 45277 MW was met with 99.9% fulfilment and there were no notified power cuts.  This became possible due to continued and timely supply of coal by CIL & SECL.

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