PM Modi to screen questions asked during video interactions

Probably Narendra Modi is the only prime minister that didn’t address a single media conference so far. Even some media interviews, he used to allow very rarely are stage-managed. In such interviews only, questions screened by Modi has to be asked and no supplementary be allowed.

Even in party forums like parliamentary board, core committee, office-bearers or national executive, he will give only lectures and no one will be allowed to ask him on any issue. Even cabinet meetings are also goes on in the same way.

But the only form, where ordinary BJP workers gets opportunity to ask him a question is frequent video conferences he is conducting with booth-level party cadre. Such conferences are named as “My booth is a strong booth” programme. Now, here also the BJP was asked to filter questions asked to Prime Minister.

The move comes after a question asked by a party worker during an interaction with the prime minister caused embarrassment to the latter. Last week when a party activist from Puducherry Nirmal Kumar Jain asked a question, Modi practically has no answer. He simple passed on to next question.

PM Modi had reportedly dodged when Jain asked why his administration was busy collecting taxes from the middle class and not doing enough to take care of them.

Now, instructions were given to BJP functionaries to double check the process. The party has asked candidates to fill a Google format form wherein they are asked to fill information about themselves, their question, the importance of their constituency and their contact number. The party has been receiving 500 to 1,000 questions from each of the constituency selected for the programme.

The workers have also been asked to upload a video of their question on the Narendra Modi App and send it 48 hours ahead of a scheduled meeting. “We select the best questions from those shortlisted and inform the concerned persons,” BJP sources said.

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