J&K Police to get new non-lethal pepper-ball

 The government has finally decided to withdraw harmful pellet guns from Jammu and Kashmir police. They are set to get non-lethal pepper-ball launching systems and anti-riot gas masks to deal with law and order situations in the state.

According to police sources, the department has floated tenders for seeking technical bid from manufacturers and dealers of these two products.  They also called as pepper-spray ball projecticle.

They contain a powdered chemical that irritates the eyes and nose, like the pepper spray. They have to be fired from specially designed `forced compliance weapons’ or modified paintball guns.

The anti-riot gas mask is used to protect the user from inhaling airborne pollutants, toxic gases and pepper spray during riots and other law and order situations.

A government-appointed experts panel has recommended chilli pepper-filled balls to replace the dangerous pellets as less lethal ammunition to control protesting crowds in Jammu and Kashmir. The seven-member committee has submitted its report that recommends PAVA, containing an irritant chemical found in natural chilli, to be used against protesters in Kashmir.

The recommendation comes after global criticism over the use of pellet guns against Kashmiri protesters that have killed at least three and maimed or blinded thousands of civilians. Hundreds of the injured have either partially or fully lost their eyesight.


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