Narendra Modi: Loan waivers are lollipops, Congress cheated farmers

Questioning Congress party’s sincerity in making promises to farmers like loan waiver, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today dubbed the party as a “lollipop company”, which has no real concern for country’s farmers. Addressing a public meeting in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said only a small number of loans were waived off in Karnataka after the recent Assembly elections in the state, where a JD(S)-Congress government is now in power six months ago.

Prime Minister cautioned farmers that “these people ( Congress) are trying to lure you by short-term benefit announcements and promises but all this will not help.”  Stating that “Tatkaalik fayde ke liye ki gayi ghoshnayein kabhi sarthak nahin ho sakti (Announcements made for instant benefits won’t be successful in the long run),” he said all these announcements are being done to fool the people.

Referring to the long queues of farmers for urea in Madhya Pradesh, where the Congress recently came to power after 15 years, Modi said this was an example of what hasty promises with an eye on votes can lead to. He alleged that the black-marketeers have come into play in Madhya Pradesh, and the people were paying the price of voting for those who make false and hollow promises.

In Karnataka, he said that the Congress promised to waive loans of lakhs of farmers and got their votes. “While they managed to form the government through backdoor, they actually waived off loans of merely 800 farmers,” he alleged, urging the voters to understand the “game plan and false promises” made by the Congress.

He said permanent solution to the country’s perennial problems cannot be solved by the decisions taken for immediate benefits. Alleging that the Congress didn’t give minimum support price (MSP) as recommended by the Swaminathan Commission, he said, “While the Congress kept on sitting on the files of Swaminathan Commission recommendations, our government gave the MSP and is working seriously on doubling the income of farmers.”

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