Celebrity, TV actress Dipika Kakar wins Bigg Boss 12

After a long wait, 105 days to be precise, celebrity, TV actress Dipika Kakar has won Big Boss 12. The grand finale of the show featured Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth fighting for the trophy at last, as Deepak Thakur took the exit money of Rs 20 lakh and left the show. Dipika, who entered the season as a celebrity contestant, found her best friend and brother in Sreesanth.

In fact, in one of the episodes, she wished to be one of the two finalists with Sreesanth on the day of the grand finale, and that’s exactly what happened. Dressed in a stunning mint-green anarkali, Dipika looked radiant on the grand finale episode.

Having won million hearts as a television bahu, Dipika’s journey in Bigg Boss wasn’t a smooth one. During her stay in the house, she always stood for what she believed is right and surpassed her co-contestants with her confidence and perseverance. In only a few weeks’ time, she found a confidante in Sreesanth and they became inseparable from there on

Throughout her journey on Bigg Boss 12, she impressed with her dignified presence on the show. Despite being criticised for not actively participating in the tasks and living in the awe of Sreesanth, the actress finished the big reality show by being the winner. She was praised for not bad mouthing anyone inside the house, even in the most critical of situations. Together with Sreesanth, Dipika gave some of the most memorable moments of the season.

Commenting on her victory, Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim said, “The feeling that follows after being declared the winner of Bigg Boss is something that I cannot put into words. Tackling the various situations that I have experienced inside the Bigg Boss house has given me a lot more confidence to go back and continue being who I am. I was true to myself and worked hard to achieve that. Today, as I hold the Bigg Boss trophy, I cannot help but recollect every single day that I have spent inside the house – every task, every circumstance. There is a lot that I am taking back home with me that I have learnt while being a part of this amazing journey of Bigg Boss 12.”

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