Karnataka CM shot back PM’s `cruel joke’ on loan waiver

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has strongly condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for depicting his government’s farm loan waiver as a `cruel joke’ and asserted that Mod’s remarks  ‘incorrect and thus very unfortunate for the nation.’

Sharing updates, he advised that ‘The Prime Minister may kindly note certain updates and facts about the farmers’ crop loan waiver before making such incorrect statements. Crop loan waiver is an open book and information available online unlike any other state.’

He made it clear that farmers’ crop loan waiver is a commitment that his government has made to the farmers of the state to safeguard their interest and the process has already begun. “We have made significant payments and despite that it is very sad that he (Prime Minister Modi) sees it as a ‘cruel joke on farmers’, misleading the people of the nation without obtaining the full facts about the scheme,” he added.

Kumaraswamy revealed that so far Rs 350 crore has been paid to about 60,000 farmers electronically into individual accounts of the farmers. Payments are being made every week electronically into farmers’ loan or SB account. Next week another one lakh farmers will get about Rs 400 crore, he added.

Moreover, he accused that despite making repeated requests, the Union Government has not come to the rescue of farmers. But, he wondered that now the Prime Minister demeaning the State Government for political gain by making such incorrect remarks is inappropriate on his part. He lamented that the Union Government had not responded to the protests of distressed farmers in New Delhi and now mocking Karnataka State Government’s serious efforts to bail out the farmers is very undesirable.


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