PM Modi’s `Mission 123’ to cover BJP’s failed seats

With the arrival of new year 2019, all the political parties are turning into poll mood, Being the Mastery in poll campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already drawn an extensive campaign plan for the next 100 days, covering as many as 20 states, before the commencement of poll process.

According to BJP sources, he has drawn `Mission 123’, so that to win a maximum number of seats where the party failed to win even once till now, particularly during 2014 when Modi wave hit the country. Among these seats 77 seats are in Assam, West Bengal and Odisha only, where BJP had won only 10 seats in these three states.

The recent assembly elections revealed that the scope for improving its strength is very limited for BJP in Hindi heartland and also some other states, where the party is in power. Moreover, it may lose few from existing seats also. So, there is now way but to recover such losses in other states, particularly East and North Eastern states, as its opportunities in South are very limited.

Besides losing grounds in some of its strong holds, the major hope for the party is that still Prime Minister Modi remains as the most popular leader in the country and no other leader comes nearer to him. Moreover, his excellent campaign capabilities.  Now BJP is intended to capitalize with a message that only such leader can provide a stable government for the country.

On the otherhand, seven different specialised fronts of the BJP have been assigned the task to reach out to specific set of voters, such as women, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and the youth. Between December and March, all these fronts are holding conventions to streamline the outreach plan.

For example, the BJP’s Yuva Morcha, led by Poonam Mahajan has been given a 14-point programme aimed at winning support from first-time voters. It will launch a ‘Nation with NaMo’ volunteer network from January 12 to raise a team of young voters who is willing to work on the mission to re-elect Modi. Youth icons, including entrepreneurs or farmers who have brought change in their area, will be identified across the country and asked to support Modi’s 2019 bid.

In addition, a ‘Pehla vote Modi’ (first vote to Modi) campaign will take a pledge from first-time voters that the first time they exercise their franchise will be for Modi. This, too, will start from January 12 and town hall programmes in different parts of the country have been planned between January 16-22.

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