Polavaram project to irrigate 75.38 lakh acres

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu advised the irrigation officials to see that maximum area in the state should get benefit from Polavaram project. Irrigation officials told him at a review meeting that over  75.38 lakh acres will get irrigation facility with the completion of Polavaram project, the Chief Minister advised the officials to prepare a report on the extent of area in each district to be benefited out of Polavaram project.

According to irrigation officials additional 32.2 lakh acres will get irrigation facility with Polavaram project, in addition to stabilising 43.18 lakh acres. The project will help to supply 7.32 tmc of drinking water to Visakhapatnam and 16.12 tmc of water for industrial purposes. They said that Polavaram canals will provide drinking water to 28.5 lakh people in 540 villages in addition to supplying 5 tmc of water to Orissa and 1.5 tmc to Chattisgadh.

The officials said 63.27 per cent of project works were completed so far. They said the project concrete works enter into Guinness book of world records by completing 28000 to 30000 cubic metres of concrete works on January 7. The Chief Minister asked the officials to complete the R&R package works by March 2019.

The officials said the state govt spent Rs 15,380.97 cr and the central govt has to release Rs 3,517.84 cr. They said 4.36 lakh farmers, students and others visited the Polavaram project so far.

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