Congress MPs throw paper planes at Arun Jaitley

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan was seen today losing her coolness when Congress MPs threw paper planes at Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, during heated debate on the Rafale debate. Mahajan was livid and asked why did Congress demand for a discussion if they are interested in creating ruckus.

She also said, ” Haven’t you flown paper plane as kids? Then why are you doing it now?”. Jaitey then made a quip that probably Congress MPs are flying paper planes in the memory of Eurofighters. Incidentally Eurofighter was a company which was in contention to get the defence deal which ultimately went to Dassault Aviation.

Congress MP Susmita Sen was seen preparing paper planes and throwing them towards Jaitley. Some other Congress members were seen helping her by handing over paper planes. However, observing her `indecent’ behavior Sonia Gandhi was seen warning her and prevented her from proceeding further. Speaker also named and warned her.

Later out side the house, Congress MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla defended throwing paper planes saying, ” We threw the paper planes (in Lok Sabha during FM Arun Jaitley’s statement) as the discussion was on Rafale, so talk about Rafale, but they were talking about Bofors, Agusta Westland and National Herald. We want a JPC on this issue”.


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