Rahul challenges PM Modi for a one-on-one debate on Rafale

 Congress president Rahul Gandhi today challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a one-on-one debate on Rafale. However, he said that the PM doesn’t have guts to face him. After heated debate on this issue in Lok Sabha, he again in the evening launched a blistering attack on the Government. He once again questioned why the prime minister and defence minister can not come in the Parliament and defend the Rafale deal.

He emphasised that Manohar Parrikar is effectively blackmailing prime minister on Rafale. “ What Mr Parrikar is doing is threatening and blackmailing the Prime Minister of India because he (Parrikar) has information of the Rafale deal,” he added.

 Reiterating that the ‘Chowkidar is Chor’, he sarcastically said that Mr Jaitley wanted to know where did he get the figures of ₹ 1600 Crore and ₹526 Crore for a Rafale plane. But it was Mr Jaitley himself who had given the figures in Parliament , he said while playing two video clips of Mr Jaitley’s speech.

Asserting that the Parrikar tape that the Lok Sabha Speaker did not allow him to play in the House, was authentic, he enigmatically said that there might be other tapes as well. Pointing out that both Mr Parrikar and Vishwajeet Rane had claimed the tape to have been doctored, the Congress President asked, “ Wouldn’t they say that ?” “I asked the Lok Sabha Speaker can I play the tape, the Speaker refused to allow me to play it, so there was no question of authenticating the tape there. Congress has already played it. Also, there might be other tapes as well, ” he said.

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