CPM worker stabbed, bomb thrown at BJP MP’s house

Tense environment prevailed and sporadic violent incidents are reported across Kerala following government sponsored entry of two women into Sabarimala shrine. The police have arrested more than 1800 people all over the state.

An CPM activist was stabbed in Iriti in Kannur last night, while its MLA AN Shamseer’s house was attacked. He alleged that RSS activists are to vitiate the atmosphere in the state. Meanwhile, bombs were thrown at BJP’s Rjaya Sabha member V Muralidharan’s house in Thalassery, last night.

In Kannur, that was notorious for clashes between RSS and Left activists, that claimed more than 300 lives in three decades, a RSS office was set on fire early Saturday. 18 per sons were taken into preventive custody, while more police deployed in restive area as intelligence warned of more trouble.

The sporadic incidents of violence since Friday night and early Saturday have left authorities worried. Prohibitory orders were clamped in many areas as tension mounted. Meanwhile, the BJP announced that the proposed visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the state on Sunday has been “postponed”.

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