PM Modi slams Congress for treating farmers as vote bank

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his attack on Congress for its poll promises of farm loan waiver in the aftermath of its victory in the recently concluded assembly elections in three crucial Hindi heartland states and accused that for Congress farmers are just a vote bank.


“Farmers are a vote bank for Congress, and we consider farmers our annadaata [food providers]. This is the difference between Congress and BJP,” he said while addressing a rally in Jharkhand’s Palamu.


He added, “There wouldn’t have been a need for farmers to take loans had the previous Congress governments completed the projects that were meant to benefit farmers. First, they forced farmers to take loans, now they’re misleading them in the name of loan waivers.”


Modi furthered his attack on the Congress party, citing the various projects that are named after Gandhis. “We didn’t make Narendra Modi Awas Yojana, we didn’t make Namo Awas Yojana, we didn’t make Raghubar Das Awas Yojana, we made Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana so that the next Prime Minister can take the work forward,” he added.


The prime minister earlier in the day laid the foundation of several irrigation projects in Jharkhand, including Rs 2,391.36 crore Mandal dam, which will provide irrigation to 19,604-hectare area in Palamu and Garhwa districts. Prior to addressing a rally, he also handed over keys of houses to five beneficiaries under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.


The Mandal dam, work on which began in 1972, but was stalled since 1993, will be built on the North Koel river in Barwadih block of Latehar district. Taking a dig at previous governments, Modi said they were least bothered about farmers’ welfare in Jharkhand, and the delay in completing the Mandal dam project was proof of that.

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